Improving Local Body Governance with StellarGovt

Good governance is essential for all organisations.

It can improve business performance, increase productivity and unlock new opportunities while reducing risk and improving reputation. It is particularly essential in the public sector where management of large amounts of information in meetings is vital.

Meetings, whether regular council meetings or extraordinary meetings require the assembly of a large number of documents and the timely distribution of that information to meeting participants.

Things can get complicated, with statutory requirements of notice needed when documents need to be updated and amended right up to the time of the meeting. With councils maintaining control over their order of business and information, there is a need for flexibility in assembling and distributing documents.

Trusted by Local Governments across Australasia, StellarGovt operates as a governance risk & compliance software that is essential for efficiency, convenience and compliance. It makes life easier before council meetings with quick and easy preparation and distribution of documents. During the meeting, councillors will have access to all the latest information as well as voting and polling. Following the meeting, you can send out minutes and receive feedback straight away.

How can StellarGovt help?

More efficient processes

StellarGovt makes the process of running a meeting much more efficient. Our governance risk & compliance software allows you to create agendas in minutes, simplify agenda distribution, collate council meeting documents, take minutes, assign tasks, create polls and securely distribute council papers.

Improved collaboration

StellarGovt allows for easy and effective collaboration between council members. With council member access to documents in the cloud, you can add annotations and comments which others can respond to and consider.

Increased convenience

For council members, having all the information they need available on any device is much more convenient than carrying a million pieces of paper. This also helps when councillors are trying to find relevant passages to quote, they can simply use the search to jump to where they need to be. With StellarGovt, councillors can work offline while travelling for example and amends will be uploaded when they have internet access.

Better for the environment

Sustainable practices are non-negotiable in today’s world. Digitising your council meetings and management is better for the environment, reducing paper waste.

Reduced costs

A favourite of ratepayers! StellarGovt removes the paper, printing and postage costs as well as reducing the number of people involved in the processing of these documents. What may have taken a team of people in a paper-based world, can be streamlined with automation and improved document management.

Enhanced security

With increasing numbers of government cybersecurity threats, enhancing security is crucial. StellarGovt’s intuitive governance risk & compliance platform keeps your council’s data secure. With enhanced 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and the ability to control who can view, modify or distribute information, you are in safe hands.

All of these features support improved efficiencies for Local Government which in turn feeds through to improved governance. An informed, engaged and collaborative board leads to more effective company leadership.

StellarGovt allows for better managed and productive meetings, supporting councillors in their decision-making process and enabling them to focus on essential matters at hand and delivering better services to their community.

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