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One Integrated Platform

StellarGOVT is an integrated, intuitive and easy to use platform that automatically delivers relevant content to all authorised users.

StellarGOVT efficiently manages and distributes council papers and secures documents for authorised users on all electronic devices.

Delivered in real time directly to any device, StellarGOVT contains all the automation and productivity tools needed to work with content anywhere, anytime.


Features Include

  1. Simple interactive forms
  2. Online and offline
  3. Capture data & automate manual processes with interactive forms
  4. Everything you need to access, customise, present, & share content while on your electronic device in one integrated, intuitive platform
  5. Automatically “push” the most recent & relevant content to authorised users in real-time
  6. All the tools to create, customise, annotate & share content
  7. Work with content online or offline, on any mobile device or desktop
  8. Completely customisable user interface with layout, colours, logos, and fonts

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