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Helping Councils Deliver Better Services To Their Community.

StellarGovt connects people and makes securely sharing reports and important documents easy.

Local councils are facing huge challenges with budget pressures, aging infrastructure and rising community expectations.

Our cloud-based technology will transform your council’s digital experience so you can focus on delivering to your community.

One Integrated Platform

StellarGovt is an all-in-one platform that seamlessly delivers relevant content to authorized users.

With real-time and secure access to documents from any location and at any time, StellarGovt streamlines the management and distribution of council papers.

Empowering Councillors, it enables them to stay informed and effortlessly make annotations on their personal copies, accessible instantly on any device.


Features Include

  1. Access to relevant documents in seconds
  2. Online or offline access on any mobile device, tablet or desktop
  3. Multiple annotation options for personal use
  4. Turbo search to find specific words across the entire Stellar environment
  5. Simple drag & drop functionality to upload individual or pre-collated council papers
  6. Capture data & automate manual processes with interactive forms
  7. Create environments for groups that extend past the council chamber
  8. Automatically “push” the most recent & relevant content to authorised users in real-time
  9. Completely customisable user interface with layout, colours, logos, and fonts

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